ePortfolio Design Document

For this assignment, you are being asked to complete the following:
Start by identifying your ePortfolio’s focal theme or metaphor. Consider some of the narrative goals that you want to achieve with your ePortfolio. What do you think the overall “story” of your portfolio could be? When you think about this project and your experience in this course, how could you express that in the ePortfolio?
Another topic to consider here is the audience for your ePortfolio. Knowing I will be assessing your work, think what expectations I might bring to the reading of the material you have presented. How might that affect the choices you make for your portfolio? How you will implement variety, choice, and reflection? Refer to “Assessment from an Instructor’s Perspective” (PK-25) for guidance.
Provide a 150-300 word description and justification for each writing artifact you are including in the ePortfolio. (See Final Portfolio assignment guidelines for a reminder on what is required to be included in the ePortfolio.) The goal with this description and justification is to explain why you’ve decided to include this piece and what you intend to convey by including it. Some questions you might consider as you develop this:What does this piece demonstrate about how you’re working toward the course outcomes and your learning?
How does this piece demonstrate a variety of capabilities and skillsets (e.g. writing and literacy skills, multimedia skills, research skills, and/or ability to make connections within and outside of the course)?
Is the piece more focused on the process (something in development) or is it a more polished final product? What is the value of including this?
What is the binding theme or metaphor across these artifacts? How does each artifact fit into that theme or metaphor?

Develop a navigation flow diagram of your ePortfolio to demonstrate how your audience would move through your ePortfolio. (See PK-34-35 for examples.)Sketch this out on paper first based upon the Post-It note activity we did in class.
Create a digital version on Microsoft Word or Google Documents. This will make it a bit easier to arrange the pieces if you know in advance how many you want and how you want to arrange them.
If you are unable to create a digital version, you can use a picture of your final drawn diagram.

Given the other parts of the prompt, identify your chosen platform you intend to use for your project, and the justification for selecting that particular platform. Create and provide URL to the shell you’ve created.

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