• CLO1: Evaluate the ethical dimensions of entrepreneurship along with the impact of the entrepreneurial venture on society.
  • CLO2: Investigate the different forms of business.
  • CLO3: Examine the history and evolution of entrepreneurship.
  • CLO4: Investigate causes of failure in unsuccessful entrepreneurial ventures.
  • CLO5: Analyze possible entrepreneurial opportunities using contemporary marketing research.


Complete the Business Model section of your business plan and submit by the due date.  The brief description and more detailed template from the overall business plan outline developed for this course are provided below:

Business Model: Company Analysis & Product/Services/Programs

  • A business model describes how this business (initiative/program) will be structured to achieve the objective.
  • It answers the questions, How will this program work, and How does it sustain itself?
  • Describe the venture’s products, services, and programs in terms of benefits to the customers, clients, communities, etc. This is different than describing them in terms of the features or marketability.


  Assignment Guidelines

Business Model

  • Company Overview/History
  • Description of Industry
  • Product/Service/Program Overview
  • Factors giving rise to opportunity
  • Market opportunity and strategy to exploit it
  • Industry segment and current participants
  • Target addressable market and projections
  • Sources of revenue (sustainability)
  • Milestones
  • Key drivers for success and critical assumptions


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