English Question

The material for this paper can be taken from the Othello Discussion Boards. The two main concepts from the course—round character and metaphor—should be applied to the play.
Three questions to consider are 1) In what ways is Othello a round character (in other words, how is he in conflict with himself? 2) how does Iago transform Othello into a round character in conflict with himself? 3) how are these things expressed through metaphor?
In your intro, be sure to define the terms “round character” and “metaphor” and state a thesis that can be backed up with examples. If you have been keeping up with the Discussion Boards there will be a lot of examples to choose from. Your main task is to focus on those examples that support and develop your theme.
The main principle for organizing your material is the paragraph. Review the material on writing successful paragraphs in Week 5. The paper will be graded according to how successfully you can connect the concepts to the specific examples, and how well you can write coherent paragraphs that develop your theme.

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