English Question

In a landmark study by Papadakis, et al.,1the authors found a strong correlation between a physician’s disciplinary action by a medical board and his or her respective past medical school record for unprofessional behavior. Medical school unprofessional behaviors most correlated with disciplinary action by state medical boards were irresponsibility and an inability to improve behavior due to failure to accept constructive criticism.
As you consider this statement, think about academic integrity, which is an element of professionalism. Discuss why academic integrity is important, and discuss how it applies to you. Your discussion may be based on a personal experience, or on an incident you witnessed. Your reflection should include a description of what you personally strive for.
Please write 1-2 pages on this topic. Use 12-point Times New Roman, single-spaced, with normal margins.PLEASE USE the five-paragraph essay format.

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