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Hello, I have a final research essay for my English course, it has to be at least 6 sources and 6 pages include an introduction and conclusion and separate page for the sources the research is argument research which means I will appeal my opinion for every source if I agree or not and what is the reason for my opinion. This means I have to give a summarization paragraph from the source and then a paragraph about my opinion in the first 3 pages for my arguments paragraphs( it is about argument not summarizing). I want to use the cause and effect strategy and in the next 3 pages, I want to use problem and solution strategy. The main ideas about my research are available in the proposal file, and I will post my old writing to show the way I used for writing just to follow and please make it better than mine. The way it must be framed is shown in the framing file please make sure to follow it. In my proposal, there are some sources but the one that must be included in the flight 705 FedEx hijacker because it will show my view about how trying to achieve the American dream affect people when the pilot tried to make the accident to ensure his family will have life insurance. (You will get one of the American dream definition in my old writing to show a point of view of what people expect from the American dream and what they get in real life which cause them mental health problem such as depression)
I need the first 3 pages in 48 hours and the second 3 pages after it by 1 day
I posted the files that must be followed to make it, which is the research file, my old writing, framing file, the proposal which include my topic and other details,
I am sorry if I make it too long, but I wanted to give you the best way to explain the assignment. I will post the mistakes from my old writing too

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