English Question

investigation into superheroes should be a direct response to the prompt outlined above. the essay should be in MLA format and style, including a Works, Cited page; a minimum of 4-6 pages in length (1,500 words); and it should include at least 4 sources. You are required to use ONE film, TV show, or comic book as your primary source that represents a superhero and at least three secondary sources (outside research that might include the historical or biographical context for the text; critics of the film or TV show, etc). the superhero I chose to write about is Wonderwoman
4-6 pages (at least 1,500 words)
MLA format. 12-point font, Times New Roman. Works Cited Page
A creative title that hints at the subject matter. 

Indicate a clear focus in a well-written thesis statement that includes a focus on how the superhero reflects ONE cultural value.
Your essay should be well-structured with a clear beginning, middle, and end.
Concrete evidence properly cited and integrated.
Include at least 4 sources (1 primary source and 3 secondary sources). The evidence should clearly support the topic sentence and the overall thesis statement.
Each body paragraph should have at least 2-3 sources (primary source 1 to 2 secondary sources)
Provide a conclusion which states why your argument is significant

Implement proper stylistic conventions to include: sentence variation, college-level vocabulary, complex sentence structure.
Write the paper as if addressing a scholarly audience.
Demonstrate thoughtful revision and editing/proofreadingASSIGNMENT:How do superheroes reflect the cultural values important to our society today? In our current superheroes in film and TV today, we see the importance of a variety of cultural values, such as:justice
freedom / independence
responsibility and duty
team building
multiculturalism / diversity
feminism / female strength
friendship / family

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