ENGL 318 Technical and scientific writing

Create a PowerPoint selecting an aspect of your proposal topic that would be of interest to a general, non-expert audience (your classmates). (The proposal is on Date Rape Prevention)
provide relevant (specific) facts to create context and exigency for your message.
While it may seem difficult to build rapport with an audience who is not in the same room, try to make it clear how the information you are going to share will benefit them.
Purpose statement: Clearly state your purpose: do you want to inform your audience? Raise awareness of an issue? Persuade your audience to take an action? Whatever your specific purpose is, please clarify it.
Share facts/information: Present facts that relate to a specific, focused aspect of your topic. Avoid highly general, broad, rambling discussions. Don’t talk about your proposal. And, please don’t read—talk to us.
Conclude: Please don’t summarize or restate facts. If you have discussed a problem, briefly addressing a potential solution is usually an interesting way to wrap things up. You can also identify additional sources students can access if they would like to know more about the issue.

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