ENG-201-104 Work Journal

In MLA format . From this point forward, some of our Discussion Posts will shift to some short writing exercises to help with certain skills needed for our research project. The format and requirements will vary depending on the task.For our next entry, you will use the tool I demonstrated in class to help you identify keywords to help you in your search.
For your entry, you will want to use what we practiced today in class to develop six keywords that you can use when searching online for sources. Please try out the University of Texas at Austin’s Keyword Generator tool, if you like, but remember that it isn’t perfect and you can come up with them on your own keywords.
To what extent should competitive gaming or esports be funded by universities as an official student sport?
Keywords: video game; competitive gaming; university funding; college sport; regulation; popularity
This sample is from a previous course focused on videogames. Remember that your topic must fit within the course theme of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithms in some way.

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