Effect of Covid 19 pandemic on Waste to Energy Industry in CHINA

paper is about covid 19 pandemic and how it affected the waste management in China. For this paper specifically, focus on the “waste to energy” aspect. Talk about how the PPE equipment used during the pandemic like cotton swabs and masks etc have been affecting the waste to energy sector in china. Most of the PPE is being incinerated, but are they being incinerated and having the energy produced from the used. Not all incinerators are “waste to energy” some of them just burn the materials. Talk about how the waste to energy sector in china is managed ( are the facilities owned by government or private companies). talk about the biggest waste to energy project in china. talk about the waste composition that is being used in waste to energy and how it changed during covid 19 pandemic. Talk about the risks associated with waste to energy sector in China and how the covid 19 pandemic affected it (overregulation, corruption maybe, facilities being run 24/7 to satisfy waste to energy demands during pandemic, etc). Talk about the cost of waste to energy in China from building the faculties, to operating them, to the cost of collecting and transporting the waste to the facility to process, and how it was affected during covid 19 pandemic, etc. Do not provide an introduction or conclusion just focus on stating the scenario that was present before and during covid 19 pandemic and how it affected waste to energy in the different aspects.
Article I linked below can be used to find other resources and links. article talks about waste to energy briefly so you can use that as a starting point.

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