Discussion Thread: Urban Planning Development and Theories


Discussion Thread: Urban Planning Development and Theories

Based on the below list of readings and your own research summarize and analyze two urban planning theories* used in the U. S.

*The writer chooses which two urban planning theories to use for this paper.

Next, describe how other countries influenced the two urban planning selected. Discuss how a biblical perspective can be applied to urban planning. Please use scriipture(s) to support the position.

• Length of assignment is minimum 750 words
not including title page, reference page, and any appendices.

• Format of assignment: CURRENT APA format with 1-inch margins, 12-pt. Times New Roman font, and must include a title page and reference page.

• Must include a Biblical perspective in this paper and cite at least one Biblical reference.

• Number of citations: Minimum 5 –
o 2 Required texts/readings indicated below, Holy Bible, plus 2 or more from the list below (writer chooses).
o Scholarly sources must fully support your assertions and conclusions. These must be cited in accordance with CURRENT APA guidelines.

• Acceptable sources: Use scholarly sources only. No websites, podcasts, dictionaries,
encyclopedias, or magazines. Peer reviewed journal articles, dissertations, and
textbooks only.

• Rubric Attached.

REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS for citations/references:

1. Chapter 1: Couch, Chris. (2016). Urban planning. Palgrave McMillian. ISBN: 9781137427564.

2. Pages 7-10: Stein, Jay. (2004). Classic readings in urban planning (2nd ed.). Routledge. ISBN: 9781884829901.

3. Holy Bible – Genesis 4:7 and Psalm 24 – plus any other biblical references the writer finds relevant.

READINGS (select at least 2 from the list below):

1. ‘Must Our Cities Remain Ugly?’ – America’s Urban Crisis and the European City: Transatlantic Perspectives On Urban Development, 1945 – 1970

2. Collaborative Genius: The Regional Planning Association of America

3. Individuals Who Influenced Planning Before 1978

4. National Planning Pioneers, 1986 – 2015

5. Garden Cities Of To-Morrow

6. Why New Cities Form: An Examination into Municipal Incorporation in the United States 1950 – 2010

7. Towards a New Typology of Urban Planning Theories

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