Discussion questions

Answer each question with a 200 word response and include a reference.
1. Creating strong intercultural communication is the first step towards a successful work environment. The course text discusses Communication Challenges in Business Contexts.
Discuss how at least 2 or more of these 4 Challenges could potentially create dysfunction in a start-up tech company. What would you do to reduce or end the dysfunction?
2. Bennett’s Intercultural Sensitivity Model includes denial of difference, defense against difference, minimization of difference, acceptances of difference, adaptation to difference, integration of difference, and intercultural sensitivity.
With the background of this criteria, find characters from various fiction movies, books, or TV shows that represent the different stages of Bennett’s Intercultural Sensitivity Model. Discuss how the characters best embody the model.
3. Intercultural conflict stems from emotional strife over goals, values, polarized perspective and interaction between people of different cultures.There are different approaches to manage conflict and avoid escalation of tensions.
a.Describe an incident when you had to consider another person’s cultural viewpoints in order to manage a conflict.
b. In retrospect, would the Discussion Style, Engagement Style, Accommodating style, or Dynamic Style (textbook) have been best to use to manage that conflict. Why?
4.Dialectical tensions can be managed by selecting, separating, neutralizing, and reframing conflicts.
In this context of resolving dialectical disputes, read this article, “20 People on the Best Relationship Advice They Ever Received” and select two pieces of advice mentioned in the article. Discuss how you would solve the conflict using one of the managing styles of dialectical tensions.
5.Discuss how nonverbal behaviors may affect communication between you and an Italian exchange student who is working at your workplace (current or past). In addition to the week’s assigned reading, it might be helpful to research nonverbal behaviors of Italians before completing this main post.
6.Intercultural communication identifies three types of communication styles that are seen in all cultures. These are high-/low-context styles, direct/indirect styles, and elaborated/understated styles.
Pick any family TV show of your choice and analyze the communication styles of the characters. In your opinion, what are the effects of the interactions between different communication styles?

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