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The Great War
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What we now refer to more as World War I, was more often called the Great War. However, because of the endless interest in WWII, there is much less known about the first then the second. Still, following World War I there were many who began to suffer from a then-unknown affliction that we, today, know as PTSD. To cope with their problems and suffering from the war, many former soldiers became artists, expressing their lives and emotions in their work. Some of the images you will see for this discussion may be a bit disturbing, but this is one of the best ways to show and discuss the horrors of this war.
Using the PowerPoint presentation titled, “WWI Veterans Artwork”, provided in this week’s content, please discuss the following in your post:
Explain your reaction to the video and the War in your discussion post.
Does viewing the artwork of the War give you a greater perspective on the experience of the War? Why/Why not?

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