Discussion Board – Conquering America

we have explored how the European settlers formed a nation state and went on to assume legal claim to all the land within the contiguous 48 states. Once again presume you are explaining to a friend from outside of class and describe for them, using specifics drawn from the readings and videos, the concept of Manifest Destiny. What is Manifest Destiny? And how did it serve as a justification for American expansionism? (300 words – 25 points)
Then respond to a fellow student’s post (100 Words – 10 Points)
Primary Response (25 Points)
An A response will meet the word count and draw significant fact/quotes from the readings and videos to support your conclusions.
A B response will either fail to meet word count or will not draw a significant amount of evidence from the readings and videos.
A C response will fail to meet the word count and or lack significant evidence from the readings and videos.

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