Discussion and project

Part 1
Submit a 500-word statement of professional goals addressing the prompt fully.
What are your professional goals, and how will an MBA from Saint Leo university assist you in reaching those goals?
Based on your previous collegiate, professional or life experience, why is now the right time for you to enroll in our program?
No references just a good writing.
Part 2
The next task is to write a essay and powerpoint to match the essay. The powerpoint needs to be key items and not verbatim to the essay. The essay is to be about Wells Fargo and their scandal with opening fake accounts. Make sure they are in text citations. Preferably websites. Must be around 150-200 words for each.
Introduction Identify the firm; briefly discuss its history; and describe the industry within which it competes.

Problem, Issue, or Opportunity Statement The firm faces problems, issues, and/or opportunities; pick one and explain its impact. State an explicit problem, issue, or opportunity.
Internal Organizational Analysis


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