1. First impressions-What parts of the reading(s) did you find surprising, puzzling, useful, new, already knew, and interesting?
2. Essential message
3. What are the structural and cultural theoretical frameworks that impact the academic failure of African American males?
4. Name and describe the seven major themes that are common factors of influence to the academic success of African American males.
5. What accounts for the dismal Black male enrollment and completion rates in higher education when compared to other ethnic groups?
6. Name and explain the five theories and philosophies that contribute to the dismal performance and progress of African American men.
7. What role does critical theory play in African American male achievement?
8. Describe the “hidden curriculum” inside and outside of the classroom that discourages the academic achievement of African American men.
9. How can educators, policymakers, activists, parents and/or guardians, and African American males in particular benefit from the practical implications to academic success as suggested from the readings?
10. Significance for African Americans and education
11. Points of agreement/dissension
12. Summary/closing

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