1.) First Impressions-What parts of the reading(s) did you find surprising, puzzling, useful, new, already knew, and interesting?
2.) Essential Message
3.) Discuss the challenging opinion that “Black athletes have to express their concern over issues that resonate with the majority of African Americans to maintain acceptance within the Black community.
4.) Explain author’s contention that “it is unrealistic to pigeonhole Michael Jordan and other Black athletes and unrealistic to expect them to be socially conscious because the African American community is not homogeneous.” Do you agree with this assessment?
5.) Should paid athletes be allowed to use their platform in the sports arena to push their agenda for social issues? Why or why not?
6.) What are your thoughts regarding Colin Kaepernick and other athletes who refuse to stand and pledge allegiance to American National Anthem? Is it unpatriotic?
7.) Do we owe Colin Kaepernick an apology? Consider the Black Lives Matter Movement in the wake of the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man that was killed in police custody in 2020.
8.) Significance for African American culture through sports
9.) Points of agreement/dissension
10.) Summary/closing

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