The community health nurse is preparing a smoking cessation program to be presented at the local high school for individuals who are thinking about quitting smoking. The community health nurse is identifying appropriate education activities that include the three domains of learning and the three stages of change.
The community health nurse has to consider the three stages of change in considering individual reasons to stop smoking. What are the three stages of change?
Planned or managed change is a purposeful, designed effort to effect improvement such as smoking cessation with the help of a change agent who is the community health nurse. What are the eight steps of planned change that the community health nurse needs to consider?
The community health nurse understands that encompassing strategies are the critical change strategies to consider in planning the health education program. What are the three major change strategies that must be considered by the community health nurse?
The community health nurse understands that the nature of learning contributes to the effectiveness of teaching on smoking cessation. The nurse needs to include the three domains of learning in the presentation. What are the three learning domains that must be considered in planning the education program?

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