Discusion 1 310

Watch the Intake Session video below. After watching the video create a contact note that describes the session using the template Contact Note Template.docx. Refer to your readings for examples. Remember to include information on 1) the focus of the session; 2) a summary of the client’s behavior, appearance, and affect; 3) any resolution(s) that occur; 4) Any follow-up that will occur.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws78KRxdk1Y (you only need to watch until 6:30 and write the note on the first meeting)
You will need to upload your contact to your discussion board post. Once you have uploaded your contact note, you have to open a peer’s note so you can provide a peer review for one of your classmates. Reply to their post and speak to how well they did on each of the four required areas above. You should try to speak at least one strength and weakness of each of the required areas.

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