Digital Accessibility

Written Assignment #1 – Digital Accessibility
Digital accessibility is the process of making digital products like digital tools like websites andmobile applications accessible to everyone. By employing practices for digital accessibility thesetypes of tools are equally accessible to everyone regardless of diverse abilities.
For this assignment please visit Accessible U (Links to an external site.) and review each link at the top of the webpage.
Next….1. Go back to the What Can You Do link at the top of the page and review the seven coreskills linking on this page.2. After reviewing the seven core skills visit Salesforce to review their resources andprocesses for accessibility.3. After the review of #1 and #2 above please complete a 3 page paper addressing thefollowing questions:a. After reviewing the seven core skills please share why these arecritical in building awareness and content that is accessible toeveryone.b. When considering CRM applications why is it critical that these typesof technologies have high standards of for digital accessibility?c. After reviewing the Salesforce website and the accessibility features (Links to an external site.)in Salesforce do you find these to be practices that supportaccessibility? Please provide justifications and examples in yourresponse.

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