Databases Question

Assignment ObjectivesThe goal of this assignment is to practice applying foundation concepts related to running inferential statistics to test for differences between two group means.
Set Up Instructions and Resources Download a copy of the lab assignment here. FILE –> DOWNLOAD –> MICROSOFT WORD. Type your responses and embed your SPSS files directly into your assignment document.
Download a copy of class dataset in SPSS. When working CougarApps, you must also be accessing CougarCourses in CougarApps to download the file to your remote desktop inside CougarApps. Reach out to Student Help Desk right away with CougarApps and Cougar Courses tech issues.
Assignment Instructions
This assignment is completed individually.
Download a copy of the assignment.
Open the data file in SPSS.
Attempt the lab assignment.
Submission InstructionsInclude your hand calculations and graphs with your lab. They can be embedded directly into your lab as images assignment underneath the problem they correspond to in the lab assignment. Upload your assignment as a WORD or PDF file once completed. Utilize Cougar Courses Help Guides for assistance with submitting assignment files.
Submission DeadlineThe assignment is intended to be completed within the normal time session of lab. However, some students may decide they want to spend additional time fine tuning their assignment before submitting their final lab draft for instructor review. For this reason, the lab assignment can be submitted through Monday of the next week and still be considered on time. Assignments turned in after that day will be considered late. A temporary grace period will apply for late assignment submission. After that late assignments will no longer be accepted.

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