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Electronic Arts (EA) released two editions of its FIFA Football game on October 1: FIFA 22 and FIFA 22 Volta. Each game has a soundtrack of several dozen songs. EA wants to get information about how each song’s inclusion on the game soundtrack has affected its listenership. Your job is to help figure that out.

The soundtracks were announced on 9/20 with a global PR and social effort to spread the news. The two playlists containing the same songs as the soundtracks were launched on 9/20 on Spotify, Apple, and Deezer. Some users were provided early access to the game beginning on 9/22 and the worldwide release for both versions began on 10/1. EA has not provided us with the number of preview users or any data about the sales of the two editions.

In anticipation of this project, Chartmetric has gathered data about the songs on the playlists as a resource. The following folder on Google Drive contains 5 spreadsheets that will help you to complete the assignment

The first 3 spreadsheets contain the following information:
FIFA 22 Playlists lists the songs contained on the playlists for the two versions of the game. The MAIN tab has the songs for the main edition of FIFA 22 Football and the VOLTA tab has the songs for the FIFA 22 VOLTA edition.
FIFA 22 Release Data contains the release dates as well as the dates that the tracks were added to the playlists
FIFA 22 Stream Counts contains the daily Spotify (only) totals for all the tracks on the playlists covering before and after the launch where available

Note that that are several issues with the data that you may need to address as part of your analysis:
Some of the songs in the game soundtracks were NOT available on the streaming services when Chartmetric began their data collection. These songs are listed in the 4th spreadsheet titled FIFA 22 TBC
Most of the songs were added to the playlists on the same date, but there are exceptions
Chartmetric shows Spotify streams for an artist’s top 5 songs so data may not be available for every song within the game
Note that the terms MAIN and MENU are both used to refer to the playlist for the primary edition of the game within the spreadsheets.

To make sure that we have analyzed a significant proportion of content on the playlists, you have been assigned a specific set of tracks to work with. These are listed on the 5th spreadsheet in the folder: EA FIFA Roster Track Assignments. You should work with a minimum of 5 tracks from your assigned group.

Here are the specifics of what you need to do for the assignment:

Overall question: How much impact did the inclusion of these songs in the FIFA game have on performance of these specific tracks and the artist overall?

Some items to look at as part of your analysis:
Compare results from 3 distinct time periods:
Pre-announcement (Up to and including September 19).
Post-announcement/Pre-launch (September 20-30)
Post-launch (October 1-30)
Eliminate any tracks where you do not have data before launch of the game
Examine streaming activity including demographic or geographic differences as well as social media changes or any other factors you can find
Consider whether changes you observe can be attributed to inclusion in the game

Use Chartmetric as much as possible for your analysis, but if you determine that there is other data you have access to that can help, feel free to use it

Submit the following (as a Word document, Google document or a PDF)
A short summary of the most significant differences you identified
Several screenshots and/or visualizations that support your conclusions
A short descriiption of your methodology

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