Cultural Studies Question

Please only bid if you have seen the first episode of “Fresh Off The Boat”

Content Analysis: Fresh off the Boat – S1E1
After Watching S1E1 of Fresh off the Boat, type up the response to the video questions and post here.
Paper Format
Your reflection paper should include key terms and concepts from chapter 10.
Submit in word document (.doc) or (.pdf) only. Pages, or Google docs will not be accepted.
Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length, double spaced.
Number your question responses, put all key terms in bold font.
Include a work cited page in APA format when citing the textbook or any outside material.
Paper Content
What are some stereotypes, and cultural beliefs, values, and norms presented in this episode (you may refer to previous chapters for this)?
How are the main characters demonstrating culture shock and acculturation (mode of adaptation into a new culture)? Define and explain.
What other elements of culture did you notice in the episode? For example did you notice any barriers to intercultural communication? Cultural Values? Elements of Cutlure? etc.

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