Critical analysis

Seneca College, COMM 111
Critical Analysis Writing 10%
Instructor: Khody Farpour

This assignment is tied to the critical analysis lesson; therefore, critical reading and analysis of the articles is an indispensable element in doing the essay writing successfully. It also gives you the chance to exercise your writing skills in a different online mode.
1. Read the article thoroughly by focusing on purpose, audience, credibility of the evidence, etc.
2. Write a CRITICAL ANALYSIS of the article by starting with the title, author’s name, date (if applicable), etc. in APA style. The critical analysis should be about 300 words.
3. DO NOT attach any files and use default font type and size 12 please.
4. When you are done with writing your own assignment, which is a critical analysis, you need to read TWO other students’ work and write a response to theirs. You can pinpoint any pressing or controversial issues they wrote in their response.

Note: please do not take anything from out side of article be careful.

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