Criminal Justice Question

The paper will be a no less than a five (5) pages (In criminal justice field) about the interviewing and interrogation system in the United States. It is very important to include the case law of Miranda V Arizona (Legal requirements regarding interrogation of suspect and interviewing). The five (5) pages of the paper do not include title page, abstract, or reference page. The paper should be in APA writing format. All sources have to be scholarly sources, only use reviewed research journal articles, however, I will accept statistical data from government research websites. These websites generally end in “.gov.” Please avoid using contractions, slang-words (unless the word is quoted or if the words is being researched), a first-person narrative, and do not insert your opinion. Be as objective as possible.
Mastery of grammar, syntax (creating well-formed sentences), punctuation (e.g., using semi-colons, EM and EN dashes, comas, using synonyms correctly), and formatting (e.g., highlighting your work) will energize your writing and keep your audience(s) interested. Fortunately, or unfortunately, people judge you by the way you speak and write.
The breakdown of points will be as follows:
Title page/abstract/reference list/references: 10 points
APA in-text references:15 points
Grammar/spelling/professional speech:25 points
Thesis/Opinion development:75 points
Critical thought:75 points
Total200 points

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