Creative Writing Question

During the module learning activities, you identified mental, physical, or emotional health issues that could be an obstacle for college students. You selected one issue and gathered specific information about the issue.
Now it is time to create your PSA using the information you gathered! (If necessary, review the learning activities page to make sure your PSA includes all of the required information.) You could . . .
create a short YouTube video (like Thomas Frank)
create a public blog and write a 500 word blog post
create an informative flier or pamphlet
create an infographic
create a social media campaign
create a podcast
Other – Creative Option of Your Choice
Requirements – Include all of the information gathered during the Module Learning Activities.
Evaluation: Your public service announcement will be evaluated using the PSA Rubric. Download PSA Rubric.
Use this assignment drop box. Provide a web link to your PSA (blog, public social media page, YouTube video,) or upload the file (poster, flier, infographic, pamphlet)

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