Creative Expression and Transformation Portfolio

After setting intentions in the first class (attached)) and creating each week of this course a creative expression (attached) – create a portfolio a 5 pages reflection paper:
– Focuses on the themes and patterns (attached) of inner growth, self-discovery or transformation emerged in response to creative exploration. -Show how it is centered around self-learning through creative process not the activity.-Considers how creative exploration might be integrated in personal and professional life.- Deeply thoughtful and filled with personal insights- Balances awareness of creative exploration with psycho-spiritual insight- Honors your own, unique perspective
Includes all required parts:
This portfolio must include:(1) a title that expresses the essence of your learning,(2) an explanation of what is included in this portfolio,(3) a description of how the materials demonstrate your learning around the specific themes and why each artifact is included in this portfolio, and(4) a discussion about how you would like to further your understanding of the use of the expressive arts in the future or make professional contributions through the expressive arts.Portfolio is presented with attention to beauty. It is inviting to readMake sure there are references APA 7th citations and quotes for each main idea in themes.

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