Create a security plan for a medium sized health care facility. In your security plan, evaluate how you would approach security threats from both inside and outside the organization. Be sure that you address the following items in your security plan: physical and administrative safeguards: employee education, health information archival and retrieval systems, disaster recovery, storage media access safeguards: authentication, password management network safeguards: cloud computing, firewalls, encryption / decryption and using mobile devices to deliver healthcare

-Develops security plan for medium sized organization including review of all 3 of the following: IT policies and procedures; conducting risk assessments and creating a disaster recovery plan
-Addresses how to approach security threats to a facility from inside and outside the organization including all of the following: stolen and compromised data, access abuse, hackers, software and hardware failures
-Addresses at least 3 physical and administrative safeguards in the security plan
-Addresses at least 3 access safeguards in a security plan
-Addresses at least 3 network safeguards in the security plan
-Critiques the security plan and identifies 2 or more strengths and/or weaknesses

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