Composition 2

Research Essay: Career Focus
The Career Focus essay centers on developing an organized, fully-realized paper about a career of your choice. You’ll work on finding information, data, statistics, and facts, then using that research to apply your own assertions and evaluation on not only the career, but how well you are suited for said career and how you plan to pursue said career.
The challenge here is to research the things about the career that go beyond the obvious. The salary and educational requirements aside, what are some of the other requirements or realities of the career? What personality traits are helpful? What are the opportunities for advancement?
Essentially, use the assignment to illustrate how you can think critically about your career pursuits. Also, challenge yourself to think outside the box: is there a superstar in your industry? A famous nurse or well-known psychologist? Is there a service or business that could use new ideas and innovation? Is there a business that doesn’t exist that you would like to start?
The Researched Career Essay is both explanatory and exploratory, making for an interesting and compelling mix of information and narrative elements that will illuminate your career choice for yourself and the reader.
Essay Format
The written portion of this should be about 1,200 words total.
The paper should include reference from 3-5 external credible, scholarly sources.
I need Medical Field (doctors)

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