College essay : statement : Introduce yourself in 250 words

Hi, this is XXX, I am going to give you a sneak peek into my life today, I believe that life is life is will surprise you in mysterious ways, if you take it way too seriously it will frighten, if you take it way too casually there is a chance of slipping away, it’s all about finding that balance, I use the five hobby rule to balance my life

One that keeps you in shape: I go on walks during lunch every day, this encourages me to connect with nature, look at the surroundings and absorb and stay in the present
One that builds you knowledge : I try to read auto biographies of the people I respect , and gain knowledge through their experiences, currently I am reading “my life in full” by Indira Nooyi and I am thoroughly enjoying she has been a great inspiration in my life, her hard working nature and staying true to herself with out getting caught up by the whole “how do I look “ concept that is traumatizing young women, inspires me.

one that helps you evolve, I truly believe that you can evolve as a person when you get the ability to understand others pain, Volunteering has been a great opportunity that opened doors to the feelings of true happiness and fullfillment. I have had opportunities to volunterr at several places like, ESL, Hanuman temple, and at several vaccines clinics when the hospitals were short staffed early 2021.

One that makes you money and keeps you creative: I am fortunate enough to find a single way to cover two hobbies in one. I started my own startup in 2021(event factory), An event management company, this has really been a great outlet for my creativity and to showcase my entrepreneurial interests, all those years of research and attending various classes on how to create websites, how to market, are being put to good use in the form of event factory. A great example from my life of being ready.

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