Central Dogma Drawing

Dr. Kenmore heard of the famous 3-line diagram of the central dogma of molecular biology that is taught at the University of Maryland and wants you to map out this four-gene operon, orfABCD as a three-line diagram and include all of the following things:
All promoters needed for expression.
All transcriptional stop sites that may be required
Draw the mRNA(s) produced when these genes are expressed
Draw all the protein(s) produced from this operon as lines
On the mRNA(s), add
All the Ribosome Binding Site(s)
All the start codon(s)
All the stop codon(s)
The 5’ and 3’ ends of the mRNA(s)
Draw the protein products of these genes, as lines, to complete the diagram.
Label the amino-terminal and carboxy-terminal ends of each protein product.
It is very important that when you place things in this diagram, it reflects where they are normally modeled to be. Features not properly located will be marked as incorrect. If needed, add a key to indicate what each part of your diagram is.
It is not required you to draw the central dogma (edited on 11/11) by hand, you can create your work on an electronic device, using your favorite drawing software, but your image must be your original image
To make sure there’s no confusion for anyone who looks at the diagram, Dr. Kenmore wants the items to align with the DNA molecule when it is relevant and possible to do so.
I’ve attached the genomic information you are given about orfABCD. Download it this file, and annotate it.

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