Celebrating Victories

Please answer the question based on the change initiative given for reference:
Identify short-terms wins and milestones that are key for your change initiative.
How often and when should these milestones occur so that momentum is maintained and stakeholders remain engaged?
What type of celebrations are appropriate to recognize these milestones? Why?

For reference, The change initiative is: As a Trucking Consultant, we offer services in the trucking industry to several categories of customers. We cater to business and personal entities, offer guidance on how improve efficiency, grow businesses, and overcome difficulties. To do this, we dedicate our time, resources, and skills to fit each case uniquely. Our services are available nationally. However, for improved return on investment, I have suggested several changes.


The first change is that we should increase the scope of our business. Currently we provide business formations, authority setups, and compliance services. However, we can expand it to include business coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs who are trying to get into the business who may not be ready. The services to be offered help business owners navigate the complexities that the industry brings. Coaching can be combined with brand development, social media setup, and dispatching guidance. Finally, we need to expand our services into real estate and determine how to tie trucking with real estate to not only expand our portfolio but offer our clients opportunity for their portfolio to grow as well.

Vision Statement:

To be a one stop shop for all our clients’ trucking needs.

Our Vision is to help owner operators, investors, company owners, and drivers be compliant and stay in compiance. Doing this by offering resources and tools to minimize the number of carriers that go out of business and increase success in the industry. Striving to improve the trucking industry one day at a time.

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