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Please follow the instructor carefully. There are 2 Discussions, response to student discussion in a thoughtful manner, at least one paragraph each (minimum of 6-7 sentences per response in length)

Discussion # 1

Skin cancer is a rising problem throughout the world that can greatly be reduced if individuals take the proper steps in protecting themselves. Throughout recent years, there has been an increased prevalence in skin cancer amongst individuals which has caused scientist and researchers to look more into the disease. It is believed by Epidemiologist that skin cancer has a direct link to “exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and the sensitivity of an individual’s skin to UV radiation”. (Athas WF, Hunt WC, Key CR, 2003). This being said, those who are out in the sun for increased periods of time without proper projection are at greater risk. According to this statement, it is best to wear appropriate sunscreen and to stay out direct exposure to sunshine for extended periods of time. 

Like many diseases, there are specific populations that show greater risks to developing skin cancer. “Individuals whose skin freckles, tans poorly, or burns easily after sun exposure are particularly susceptible to developing skin cancer.” (Preston DS, Stern RS, 1992). If you are an individual who falls into this category, your best bet at preventing skin cancer is to wear appropriate UV protection and stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. According to this statement, it is also best to make sure that children and adolescences wear appropriate skin protection to prevent future problems from occurring. Just like many things in the world, it is best to not get too much sunlight and to take the proper precautions to prevent yourself from developing cancer.

Discussion #2

 Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, not to mention that there are also different types of skin cancer ( There are three prevalent types of skin cancer; Squamous cell carcinoma, Basal cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma ( Because of how common these are, taking steps to try to prevent skin cancer should not be understated. What could be the solutions for the prevention of skin cancer? The most common solution would be using sunscreen. UV radiation is the main factor that causes skin cancer and the major source of UV radiation is our own sun. Using sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher will reduce the amount of UV radiation your body will absorb. There are other simple solutions as well, like using clothing that is able to cover your arms and legs, as well as limiting sun exposure. Overall, limiting the amount of sun exposure will reduce your probability of getting skin cancer ( 

This doesn’t mean that all sun exposure is bad, it is actually healthy for you, as long as you limit your exposure. UV radiation promotes vitamin D production in your body. This does mean that you are able to have low vitamin D levels with no sun exposure. Luckily, you are able to gain vitamin D through food and dietary supplements without the risk of exposing yourself to UV radiation (


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General Mills Warm Delights Indulgent, Delicious, And Gooey!

 Vivian Milroy Callaway, vice president for the Center for Learning and Experimentation at General Mills, retells the story for the “indulgent, delicious, and gooey” Warm Delights product. She summarizes, “When you want something that is truly innovative, you have to look at the rules you have been assuming in your category and break them all!”

When a new business achieves a breakthrough, it looks easy to outsiders. The creators of Betty Crocker Warm Delights stress that if the marketing decisions had been based on the traditions and history of the cake category, a smaller, struggling business would have resulted. The team chose to challenge the assumptions and expectations of accumulated cake category business experience. The team took personal and business risks, and Warm Delights became a roaring success.


“In the typical grocery store, the baking mix aisle is a quiet place,” says Callaway. Shelves sigh with flavors, types, and brands. Prices are low, but there is little consumer traffic. Cake continues to be a tradition for birthdays and social occasions. But, consumer demand has declined. The percentage of U.S. house-holds that bought at least one baking mix in 2000 was 80 percent. Fifteen years later the percentage was about 62 percent, a very significant decline.

Today, a promoted price of 89 cents to make a 9 × 12 inch cake is common. Many choices, but little differentiation, gradually falling sales, and low uniform prices are the hallmarks of a mature category. But it’s not that consumers don’t buy cake-like treats. In fact, indulgent treats are growing. The premium prices for ice cream ($3.00 a pint) and chocolate ($3.00 a bar) are not slowing consumer purchases.

The Betty Crocker marketing team challenged the food scientists at General Mills to create a great-tasting, easy-to-prepare, single-serve cake treat. The goal: Make it indulgent, delicious, and gooey. 

The team focused the scientists on a product that would have:

• Consistent great taste.

• Quick preparation.

• A single portion.

• No cleanup.

The food scientists delivered the prototype! Now, the marketing team began hammering out the four Ps. They started with a descriptive name “Betty Crocker Dessert Bowls” and a plan to shelve it in the “quiet” cake aisle. This practical approach would meet the consumer need for a “small, fast, microwave cake” for dessert. Several marketing challenges emerged:

  • The comparison problem. The easy shelf price comparison to 9 × 12 inch cakes selling for 89 cents would make it harder to price Dessert Bowls at $2.00.
  • The communication problem. The product message “a small, faster-to-make cake” wasn’t compelling. For example, after-school snacks should be fast and small, but “dessert” sounds too indulgent.
  • The quiet aisle problem. The cake-aisle shopper is probably not browsing for a cake innovation.
  • The dessert problem. Consumers’ on-the-go, calorie-conscious meal plans don’t generally include a planned dessert.
  • The microwave problem. Consumers might not believe it tastes good.

In sum, the small, fast-cake product didn’t resonate with a compelling consumer need. But it would be a safe bet because the Dessert Bowl positioning fit nicely with the family-friendly Betty Crocker brand.


The consumer insights team really enjoyed the hot, gooey cake product. But they feared it would languish in the cake aisle under the “Dessert Bowl” name since this didn’t capture the essence of what the food delivered. They explored who the indulgent treat customers really are. The data revealed that the heaviest buyers of premium treats are women without children. This focused the team on a target consumer: “What does she want?” They enlisted an ad agency and consultants to come up with a name that would appeal to “her.” Several independently suggested the “Warm Delights” name, which became the brand name.

An interesting postscript to the team’s brand name research: A competitor apparently liked not only the idea of a quick, gooey, microwavable dessert but also the “Dessert Bowls” name! You may now see its competitive product on your supermarket’s shelves.

Targeting on-the-go women who want a small, personal treat had marketing advantages:

  • The $2.00 Warm Delights price compared favorably to the price of many single-serve indulgent treats.
  • The product food message “warm, convenient, delightful” is compelling.
  • On-the-go women’s meal plans do include the occasional delicious treat.

One significant problem remained: The cake-aisle shopper is probably not browsing for an indulgent, single-serve treat.

The marketing team solved this shelving issue by using advertising and product point-of-purchase displays outside the cake aisle. This would raise women’s awareness of Warm Delights. Television advertising and in-store display programs are costly, so Warm Delights sales would have to be strong to pay back the investment.

Vivian Callaway and the team turned to market research to fine-tune the plan. The research put Warm Delights (and Dessert Bowls) on the shelf in real grocery stores. A few key findings emerged. First, the name “Warm Delights” beat “Dessert Bowls.” Second, the Warm Delights with nuts simply wasn’t easy to prepare, so nuts were removed. Third, the packaging with a disposable bowl beat the typical cake-mix packaging involving using your own bowl. Finally, by putting the actual product on supermarket shelves and in displays in these stores, sales volumes could be analyzed.


The marketing plan isn’t action. Sales for Warm Delights required the marketing team to (1) get the retailers to stock the product, preferably somewhere other than the cake aisle, and (2) appeal to consumers enough to have them purchase, like, and repurchase the product.

The initial acceptance of a product by retailers is important. But each store manager must experience good sales of Warm Delights to be motivated to keep its shelves stocked with the product. Also, the Warm Delights team must monitor the display activity in the store. Are the displays placed in the locations as expected? Do the sales increase when a display is present? Watching distribution and display execution on a new product is very important so that sales shortfalls can be addressed proactively.

Did the customer buy one or two Warm Delights? Did the customer return for a second purchase a few days later? The syndicated services that sell house-hold panel purchase data can provide these answers. The Warm Delights team evaluates these reports to see if the number of people who tried the product matches with expectations and how the repeat purchases occur. Often, the “80/20 rule” applies. So, in the early months, is there a group of consumers who buy repeatedly and will fill this role?

For ongoing feedback, calls by Warm Delights consumers to the toll-free consumer information line are monitored. This is a great source of real-time feedback. If a pattern emerges and these calls are mostly about the same problem, that is bad. However, when consumers call to say “thank you” or “it’s great,” that is good. This is an informal quick way to identify if the product is on track or further investigation is warranted.


The team took personal and business risks by choosing the Warm Delights plan over the more conservative Dessert Bowls plan. Today, General Mills has loyal Warm Delights consumers who are open to trying new flavors, new sizes, and new forms. If you were a consultant to the Warm Delights team, what would you do to grow this brand in terms of product line and brand extensions?


  1. What is the competitive set of desserts in which Warm Delights is located? (10 marks)
  2. (a) Who is the target market?  (10 marks)
    (b) What is the point of difference on the positioning for Warm Delights?  (10 marks)
    (c) What are the potential opportunities and hindrances of the target market and positioning? (10 marks)
  3. (a) What marketing research did Vivian Callaway execute?  (10 marks)
    (b) What were the critical questions that led her to conduct research and seek expert advice? (10 marks)
    (c) How did this affect the product’s marketing mix price, promotion, packaging, and distribution decisions? (10 marks)
  4. (a) What initial promotional plan directed to consumers in the target market did Callaway use? (10 marks)
    (b) Why did this make sense to Callaway and her team when Warm Delights was launched? (10 marks)
  5. If you were a consultant to Vivian Callaway, what product changes would you recommend to increase sales of Warm Delights? (10 marks)


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Simple And Complex Reflective Listening Statements

To Prepare

  • Read the article, The Helpful Responses Questionnaire: A Procedure for Measuring Therapeutic Empathy.” Consider the relationship between accurate empathy and reflective listening. Also, pay particular attention to how responses to the Helpful Responses Questionnaire are rated.
  • Review the remaining Learning Resources on reflective listening. Think about the differences between simple and complex reflections.
  • Read the statements in Table 1 of the article, “The Helpful Responses Questionnaire: A Procedure for Measuring Therapeutic Empathy.” Consider how you might accurately reflect what the service user is saying each statement to be helpful.
  • Read the statements in the Reflection Worksheet. Think about how you would use simple and complex reflections to respond to each statement.
  • Write a 1- to 2-sentence reflection to each statement in Table 1 of the article, “The Helpful Responses Questionnaire: A Procedure for Measuring Therapeutic Empathy.” Your response should represent the next thing you might say if you wanted to be helpful.
  • Write one simple reflection and one complex reflection in response to the statements in the Reflection Worksheet. 

MILLER, W. R.; HEDRICK, K. E.; ORLOFSKY, D. R. The Helpful Responses Questionnaire: A Procedure for Measuring Therapeutic Empathy. Journal of Clinical Psychology[s. l.], v. 47, n. 3, p. 444–448, 1991. DOI 10.1002/1097-4679(199105)47:3<444::AID-JCLP2270470320>3.0.CO;2-U. Disponível em: Acesso em: 29 jun. 2021.


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Strategic Management Concepts

For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to review basic strategic management concepts using the free textbook, Absolute Essentials of Strategic Management (ProQuest), (Links to an external site.) which is available through the Hunt Library. You will need to be logged into ERNIE to access this material.

Define the listed concepts below and then provide a personal example of how this specific concept would be used. Please do not copy the definitions word-for-word. The information in the textbook should be paraphrased in your own words and cited and referenced as a paraphrased information (in APA format) and not as direct quotes.

Your response for each of the concepts below should be written in one (1) paragraph-long response. Please make sure each concept answer is identified so your instructor knows which specific concept you are addressing.

  1. Define Strategic Management.
  2. Define Strategic Planning.
  3. Define Continuous Improvement.
  4. Define Competitive Strategy.

The total length of this assignment should be a minimum of one (1) full-page (combined total for each one of the four strategies answers/paragraphs).


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Information Technology And Systems For Health Care

Please complete all parts in a Microsoft Word document.

Assignment Requirements

  • The body of your document should be at least 1000 words in length.
  • Quoting should be less than 10% of the entire paper. Paraphrasing is necessary.
  • Students must cite and reference at least 4 credible sources from the Library.
  • Visit the Academic Success Center: Writing Center to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written assignments.


Imagine that you are the Director of Health Information for a large hospital. As Director, you sit on various institution-wide committees which govern the organization’s policies. You have seen issues arise that cause you to propose changes in policies, procedures and operations across the hospital. Therefore, you have decided

to create a proposal to the CEO and Board of Directors, which you will develop in collaboration with committee teams. Please follow the instructions below in completion of this assignment.




Select two (2) applications/systems for clinical classification and coding (e.g., encoders, computer assisted coding (CAC), etc.) and appraise each vendor in terms of (1) capacity to evaluate quality coding practices, (2) possible implementation considerations/issues, and (3) systems management challenges and training needs. Provide support for one system that you find as the “best option” with rationale.


Consider the principles and applications of classification systems (e.g., ICD-10, HCPCS) and medical record auditing used within a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program. Appraise the value and challenges of a quality CDI program by defending the need for ongoing CDI program support and critique at least two (2) challenges in the CDI process. Make connections between auditing, accurate diagnostic and procedural coding with classification systems, and CDI programs. Your executive summary should reflect upon the need for CDI and best practices for ensuring compliance.


Critique one interoperability issue that is possible within the health information exchange (HIE) (e.g., patient identity matching). Appraise at least two (2) best practices that address the issue.


Evaluate at least two (2) health information systems (HIS) and two (2) data storage designs (e.g., onsite, cloud). Select the best HIS and data storage design for disaster recovery purposes. Indicate your selections with rationale.


Evaluate at least two (2) managerial challenges related to clinical indices, databases, and registries from the perspective of a hospital’s health information management function. Recommend at least two (2) best practices or policies related to the management of secondary data sources.


With respect to data warehousing, appraise at least two (2) approaches in data warehouse design that supports quality data management from varying sources, processing/storage of data throughout the warehouse model, and meaningful output into the presentation layer. Summarize your recommendations in the executive summary.


Analyze data and information from the point of creation or collection, through the management, storage, and transformation into information and duration of its required retention period.


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Customer Service Plan – Customer Service & Quality Instructions


The work you do throughout the modules culminates into a Customer Service Plan. This plan incorporates the following:

Module 2: Company Description & Evaluation
Module 3: Examine Customer Service & Quality
Module 4: Examine Customer Service Practices in the Twenty-First Century
Module 5: Company Analysis


Part I:

Customer Perspective

In relation to what you have learned in Module 3 so far, observe and describe the following as you would view it from the customer’s perspective. Hint: What is each communicating to the customer?

  1. Physical appearance of the business
  2. How quickly is a customer greeted
  3. Pace of the transaction
  4. Parking lot
  5. Hours of operation
  6. Courtesy of customer service representative
  7. Knowledge of customer service representative
  8. Website – if there is a website, how user-friendly is it?

Part II: Quality Recognition

Discuss the following:

  1. Identify criteria that your organization deems important in communications.
  2. How do you know this criteria is important?
  3. How are representatives evaluated on this?
  4. What training is provided to employees in the five main methods of communication (Listening, writing, talking, reading, nonverbal expression)?
  5. What are the expectations when using technology to communicate with customers?

Part III: Proactive Practices

Evaluate the practices in place to avoid challenging situations. What are the practices in place in your business to demonstrate:

  1. Respecting the customer’s time
  2. Keeping a positive attitude
  3. Recognizing regular customers
  4. Maintaining professional communication
  5. Showing initiative


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Underwriting And Structuring[Real Estate]

A small office building 20,000 SF rents for $22.50 pSF annually with the landlord paying only base RE taxes ($1.50 p/SF) and structural repairs ($.0.50 p/SF). Assume a vacancy and rent loss factor of 5%.

Use a 7% return, a 10% terminal cap rte to develop the value.  

What is the value of the property using a 5 year holding period? What is the value of the property using a 10 year holding period? 

Please show all work in EXCEL


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International Business Management.

Why do you think free trade areas established so far in Africa have not lived up to their expectations?

What will African countries need to do to make the TFTA a success? What are the likely impediments to doing this?

All original threads should be at least 250 words. This parameter helps to promote writing that is thorough, yet concise enough to permit other students to read all the postings. The thoughts and opinions expressed in your thread need to be substantiated by research and literature (from the textbook or outside sources). All references should be in the correct APA style. While this is a formal discussion environment, you are allowed to use the first-person perspective in all your posts since you will be expressing your personal opinions. All original threads should: Bring clarity to the issues being discussed. Raise new and novel (yet relevant) points. Relate issues to personal experience. Rationally defend your stated position. 


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W.L. Gore Case Study

Answer the following questions for W.L GORE AND ASSOCIATES . 

  1. Description of the business including the mission and/or vision.( 1 page )
  2. Product descriptions (List the general categories only -not the brand names, for no more than 5 products) (1 page)
  3. Description of services (List the general categories only of no more than 5 types of services provided) (1 page)
  4. History, expansion plans or accomplishments, and growth.( 1-2 pages )
  5. Industry information 
  6. Number of employees
  7. Annual sales


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Devotional Discussion On Ethical Perspective Based On Your Cultural Or Religious Background

Background Information

What does the Bible have to say regarding ethical practices in how one approaches doing business? In reading Romans 12:2, we are challenged to transform our minds so that God can focus us toward a good, acceptable, and perfect response to His will. Romans 12:2 states, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (New International Version). Also, Micah 6:8 says, “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

As an example, Chick-fil-A is known for its stance on operating within biblical principles. The franchise believes it should be closed on Sundays (another example of a business closing on Sunday is Kneaders). Chick-fil-A’s website states that the company believes it is entrusted to be a faithful steward in what God has given the organization as a business. The late founder, Truett Cathy, felt the business did more than just sell chicken sandwiches. His scriptural perspective still permeates every franchise even after his death.


  1. Review the material in the “Background Information” section above, including the specific Bible passages.
  2. Watch the video “God and Business at a Chick-fil-A(”
  3. Be sure to address the following prompts in your paper:
    1. Discuss your ethical perspective based on your cultural or religious background.
    2. Describe a situation in your professional experience when you were able to respond ethically or utilize a biblical principle to respond to the situation in doing business.
    3. After watching the video “God and Business at a Chick-fil-A,” how do you think Christian values impact Chick-fil-A’s operation and success?
  4. Your paper should be 250 words in length.


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