Case #8: Moscow Aerostar

Now that you’ve read the Moscow Aerostar Case
(PDF) and Employee Training in Moscow Mcdonald’sActions (PDF) you will need to answers the questions below.If you wish to view the rubric, select the gear icon on the upper right hand corner and select “Show Rubric” from the drop-down menu.Element 1:
Answer the following in a well written comprehensive answer (no less than 350 words).
What are the problems that need to be addressed and solved? Why do you think these problems exist? Why doesn’t McDonald’s seem to be having these same problems?
What changes would you recommend that Aerostar make?
Element 2:Cite a concept/idea/data from the chapter we are covering this week to support your answer. Include the page number in parenthesis and make sure it is clearly explained what you are referring to within the text (You can use a concept from the power point, and let me know which one did you choose)

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