Recruit a student to participate in the college search and application process. You will work with this student in completing all aspects of the college search, selection, and application process, financial aid search and other considerations. You will prepare a paper delineating this process an include artifacts/documentation of the various resources utilized. You will also describe the interactions with the student, issues that emerged, questions raised and how your responded to the student’s questions/needs. Please use simple vocabulary throughout text

* Student worked with is going to college. He is sure that he wants to become a physician assistant so I assisted him with the process.
– Questions asked?
Will you be interested in attending out-of-state college? student does not. he prefers cuny colleges because its affordable
-Are you interested in a two year or four year? Physican assistant programs are usually four years so that’s his aim
– Did you want to go to a private school?
Student mentioned going to private school but prefers CUNY since its cheaper but I also mentioned applying for fafsa they can cover most private college expenses
— I will provide you website where you can take that information about certain schools and mention that in the writing. It will just give him some ideas of what the school entails, the gpa etc.

This is the CUNY website, you can describe in the paper what it is and include schools that offer that program

-City College one cuny college that has a PA program. include what you find and some requirements. ALSO THIS website included all PA schools in nyc so this is what I used:

This website is for him to apply for financial aid for CUNY schools, descriiption is on the website so describe what it is, also mention the opportunity to work in school as well as earn $ to pay college

His decision was to apply for Cuny colleges and prefers city college PA program. But also applied to St.Johns University PA program

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