Business Strategies

Assignment Task Part A: PKSH Project (2,000 words, 60% of the marks)
Study the PKSH case study. Perform a strategy project using the method described in Figure
1 (taken from Lecture 2). You MUST use this method in your strategy project. Present your
project and outputs in a report to the client (around 2,000 words). Your client is Pippa.
Assignment Task Part B: Academic Essay (1000 words, 40%)
Making and implementing business strategies has always been a challenging task. This is
because it’s partly an analytical process and partly creative. It’s about the financial side of
the business, but also about the people. It’s about being realistic and practical, but also
about being innovative and distinctive too. And hence there are many elements and aspects
to the process of making strategy. No wonder it can be confusing

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