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A client is asking your company to plan their international event in a mid-size town in Mexico, in July, for an expected 10,000 attendees. They would like to host a 3-day concert event bringing in musical artists from Mexico, the US, and Canada. This event will be held in a large, outdoor park in the city center where they will set up 2 performance stages. Below are the safety and security plans and measures you have enacted and put in place.
Your plan includes having 2 medical tents set up near each stage in case of any medical emergencies. The tent will be stocked with medical supplies such as bandages, ointments, pain medication pills, alcohol wipes, gauze, medical tape, burn sheet, and trauma tourniquets. It will be staffed by a paramedic and nurse. The nearest hospital is approximately a 20-minute drive away from the park.
Additionally, a private security company has been hired to provide security detail for the multi-day event. There will be 50 personnel staffing the event – 5 in parking services, 25 in bag check and ticket services, 3 securing artist dressing rooms, 10 for backstage, and 7 initially in the attendee seating area. As time progresses though the event, a plan is in place to bring 15 from the bag check and ticket services area to provide additional staff within the attendee seating area. The client has strongly expressed that they only wish to utilize the private security company and not hire off-duty local police officers to provide additional security support.
This region does experience about 17 days of rain each month during this time of year with an average rainfall of 3 inches a month. The client budgeted to include a metal rain covering structure over the two stages. They do not anticipate any severe weather emergencies, such as a hurricane, as it has been 7 years since a hurricane made landfall in that region. It has also been 22 years since this region experienced an earthquake.
There has been a change in local government in this city within the last year and local residents are split on their support of the new mayor and town leaders. Those that oppose this leadership, argue that the newly elected leaders are corrupt and have committed many fraudulent acts before being elected into power. Due to this political divide, many of the city residents that staff the local events and businesses, are considering protests and labor strikes if things do not improve soon.
Using the information given and your learning from this chapter and the course, conduct a comprehensive assessment and identify the potential risks you foresee occurring during the event. Specifically:
What risks do you foresee related to medical emergencies?
What risks do you foresee related to security personnel and staffing?
What risks do you foresee related to weather contingencies and natural disasters?
What risks do you foresee related to strikes and protests?
Provide a minimum of 4 recommendations you would advise your clients that would contribute to the strengthening the safety and security of the event. Provide at least one recommendation for each of the above factors. What is your rationale for these recommendations?

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