business Intermediate

Complete the analysis on the Excel sheet. The latter follows on from the last assignment. Instructions are on the first ply. Watch the video on Backward Elimination in Modules-MLR Videosbefore completing the assignment.
The Excel file below contains a large dataset of reviews given by buyers of Amazon tech products. There are four tabs on the Excel file: HW instructions, a sample of 200 reviews, a tab labeled Negatives and the original complete Amazon file. On the 1st tab, you will find instructions to complete the assignment.
On the Negative sheet, you will end up with about 50 records. Each record will have a review that is considered negative. It may not be negative. If it’s not negative, ignore it. The model failed for those. For those reviews that are negative, create a list of the reasons (it will be short) for the negative review. This is relling you the reason for the negative review. You will need to record these reasons on the 1st sheet.
One of the videos in Weeks 5-10 on sentiment Analysis walks you through using the Azure product.

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