British and American Literature

Construct a 1-2 page (500 word) typed response. Responses should demonstrate your knowledge of the texts and the relationships between them. Make sure that you go beyond plot summary to make an argument about the relationships between the texts, their specific details, and their cultural contexts.
-The response in about the novel The Hours byMichael Cunningham’s, which is a response to Virginia Woolf’s Mrs.Dalloway.
– Strong thesis statement
– At least two body paragraphs
-Must include at least 2 quotes from the book
-Please follow the response template and Guidelines in the file bellow for the response.
-Please Look at the rubric of the response and the breakdown of the grades in the file bellow
The prompt:
Michael Cunningham’s The Hours is a response to Virginia Woolf’s Mrs.Dalloway that depicts the processes of writing, reading, and revision. Howdoes Cunningham’s novel consider the relationship between theseprocesses? How does it use the three storylines to revisit the story of Mrs.Dalloway? How does he experiment with the line between reality andfiction in the process?

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