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Describe yourself essay sample

A describe yourself essay sample is an essay with personal reflection, which is normally required during college application. A describe yourself essay focuses on the specifics you want to share about yourself that make you outstanding and interesting to the reader. The about me essay should be fully descriptive, memorable, and should impact the reader regardless of its length. If you are in that situation, worry no more; we have a describe yourself essay sample that will help you structure your essay and develop breathtaking content. One of our professionals wrote this describe yourself essay sample for a student who got an excellent mark and was admitted to Harvard. Though this paper was done excellently, we recommend that we have your essay done fresh by our writers to be diverse as this sample is available and dependent upon by many students online.

We encourage students not to struggle with a describe yourself essay as it is a lifetime chance, and if lost, you may not join the college of your choice. When you get such a question on a self-descriptive essay and wonder how can I write an entire essay about myself, we step in and minimize your worries by writing the essay for you. Narrowing down into details and choosing what to share and what to leave is a worry for many students, but our experts have a structure on what necessary to help you score highly is. Feel free to order describe yourself essay from top research papers by searching on google write my essay on describe myself now and have the essay done and delivered ASAP.

Sample Essay on describe yourself

My name is Luiz Velez. I am 19 years old. I live with my family consisting of my mother, sister, and a nephew who migrated from Florida to complete his Harvard degree. I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I am of average height and body structure, and I am masculine since I hit the gym once in a while. I am quite friendly and likable since I have a babyface, and most of the time, my first impression we meet with people is quite interesting, and for this reason, I bond and move along with people fast. I respect other people's opinions, and for this reason, I also expect people to respect my boundaries as I find it offensive when people step on my toes for no reason. I advocate living in harmony with others, and I find myself as a mediator when my friends have issues. I also fight for my position when it comes to the family as well as relatives and friends. I take time to decide as I make an analysis and think critically, and when I come to to a certain conclusion, I stand by it, and it is normally hard to convince me otherwise. I would rather choose to be quiet when people discuss something that I am aware of instead of indulging in conversations that I am not fully aware of or rather issues that do not concern me. This has helped me avoid a lot of trouble.

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I studied at a local school since my mom could not afford to take me to a better school, and despite the challenges, I still made her proud as I passed excellently. I have been a great lover of mathematics, physics, and chemistry since my late Dad was a scientist, and I looked forward to continuing the legacy. Most of the students never understood what drove my love for mathematics, but I naturally became attracted to numbers at an early age as I could help my mom in her small grocery shop. The fact that I used to visit my nephew a lot when I was growing up improved my love for chemistry as his mother was a lab technician, and we would visit her at work, and the feeling of being in a laboratory was just amazing. I remember we used to experiment using non-reactive reagents to sharpen our skills and accuracy, which went a long way in improving our performance. I also developed a love for traveling, and most of the time, I find myself studying different cultures, especially the African culture. I would love to tour Africa in the future.

I am a great swimmer, and this by far is one of my greatest hobbies. I learned swimming at an early age as my father took it upon himself to teach me most life skills. May his soul rest in eternal peace. I also love playing computer games and chess with my nephew, and most of the time, when we have no errands to run during the weekends, we lock ourselves in the room and compete. This, however, is done during our free time as I am not the kind of person who can be distracted from my responsibilities. I love online marketing. Most of the time, I find myself taking some online short courses on SEO, Social marketing, and the likes. This has helped me market my mother's business and people who contact me to market their small businesses online both locally and internationally.

I actively engage in table tennis and basketball, which is why I choose to hit the gym and keep fit. My Gym instructor is quite friendly, and most of the time, I find myself attending all my sessions to maintain the zeal. This has also inspired my nephew, and from time to time, he accompanies me to the gym to watch me workout and encourage me.

I have a rare character of short temper if someone crosses my line or irritates me. When offended, I pour out all my anger and condemn the act regardless of whether it is from a friend or family. However, the short temper is short-lived as I can collect myself and resolve the case as soon as I am calm. I am also quick to forgive and do not hold grudges.

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I deem myself the most reliable person compared to my siblings and my nephew, and I have gained my mothers and relatives' trust. My friends regard me highly and mostly request me to lead in group participation and other collective activities.

I have gained a lot of respect from family, friends, and relatives. I occasionally host friends at my place, and I have never had issues as my friends are chosen carefully, and I only hook up with disciplined, dependable, and responsible friends. I help my friends in mathematics, physics, and chemistry either in my house, school, or their houses, which keeps me busy and engaged most of the time. My mother sometimes jokes and tells me that I can become a private tutor and offer my friends tuition, but I imagine myself handling more than10 students. That would make me more or less like an intellectual. Anyway, I am always up to the task, and I believe I can manage.

I have a thing in politics and leadership, and most of the time, I find myself correcting leaders' speeches or how they address the public. Sometimes my sister says I might become a leader in the future, but I am adamant. I believe politics is too complex and calls for so much commitment since if I chose that path, I believe there can be so much to change or rather revolutionize the system. I, however, resect leaders and have never confronted or talked ill of them because I believe they are God's chosen and hence should not be pointed or criticized directly.

I am a quick thinker and never talk too much. Most of the time, when I talk, people expect me to say a lot, but I choose when to say it and the weight to put in my words, which goes a long way. I, therefore, get preference from even older people as they see me as a person who does not jump into conversations or participate in do not know unless I study the situation and have a wise quote that is when I can chip in. There is a saying that everyone is wise until they speak or open their mouth, and for this reason, I rarely talk, and I only state what I think is right. Whenever I speak, I weigh all things rationally and try not to be emotionally oriented. This always helps make the right judgments and conclusions. Even when a situation directly touches on myself or my family, I try as much as possible to be sober and not emotional at all. By the end of the day, what matters is finding a solution or a way out, and for this reason, I always control my thinking and regulate words not to offend anyone. Control is my stronghold, and I normally find myself controlling most of my family members, friends, and relatives when confronted by a situation that they cannot handle.

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Participating in online courses has given me patience and concentration, and I can handle most of my assignments and responsibilities well. The love for online marketing has also kept me on my toes as I read a lot since digitalization is the way to go. I want to make a difference by transforming many businesses into online businesses and be part of future success. The fact that I participate in such activities also secure my future as I am looking forward to self-employment and building an empire. I am passionate about digitalization, politics, or freelancing as an online tutor, and no matter the direction I chose, I will make it a success.

I have a dream of being successful and uplifting my family's living standards, and this is the reason why I watch my every move and try as much as possible to start on the course. I know that success is a journey, but I am ready to walk the journey. I work hard to make my mother proud of me as she has tiled to make me reach where I am since my father passed on. For her, I would do anything, leave no stone unturned and go head to head with any challenge. All I know is that I will conquer, and I must conquer. I used to think that success is a well-paying job, a promotion at work, but now I have a wider view on the issue, and it does not matter the line as the end justifies the means. Some people hit the jackpot and become successful in one-day. What matters is what you do with the ultimate price because you can be wealthy today and a beggar tomorrow.

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I believe that I have luck, and I believe that most people approve and regard me highly. I will have a breakthrough in what I choose to do since having a good relationship with people fuels any business to success as they are the customers. I also believe success and luck are intertwined and comes when one least expects it. Sometimes I find myself in hard and trick situations, some of which I cannot resolve, and boom!! I get a breakthrough, and I am like, what!! This is luck. This is because some other person can struggle in such a situation and end up surrendering, and hence when I find a breakthrough, I feel relieved.

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By the end of the day, the describe yourself essay should be breathtaking and outstanding. This should help you stand out in a crowd and hence grab the chance of college admission. A well-written describe yourself essay will help you to be selected among many applicants. 

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