please answer the following questions based on the link article above.
In 2-3 pages, you should:
Summarize the media article. Who wrote the article, where was it published? Why did the journalist think it was relevant? Did they talk about multiple research articles or just focus on one? Did they summarize the entire paper, or did they just focus on a couple of experiments? Answers to these points require you to read the primary research article.
Summarize what the primary research article reported. What was the hypothesis or thesis? What did they find? Did they interpret the data correctly? Why is it important?
Determine whether the media article accurately represented the findings presented in the research article. Did they distort the findings? Were they incorrect in their reporting? Did they leave anything out? Refer to our course materials, as applicable. Explain why you think the media article accurately
or inaccurately portrayed the findings of the primary literature.
Discuss how you might correct the media article, if any.
Include a references section where you provide links to both the media article and the primary research article

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