Art History

Look around your everyday life (the places you visit in real life and online, the films and videos you watch, the clothes you wear, the objects you use, the buildings you pass-by on walks, etc.), and find a recent (21st century) example of art, design, or architecture that directly and meaningfully incorporates specific elements from historical art or architecture

NOTE: You will need to be able to name the SPECIFIC work of prehistoric, ancient or medieval art that your contemporary example is incorporating into its design.

Then, write a critical essay that makes an historically grounded argument about what comparing and contrasting these examples can teach us about the significance prehistoric, ancient, or medieval art and architecture still has on the production and meaning of contemporary culture.

The example for this essay will be The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Thesis statement should be something like this ‣ By comparing Example A with Example B, I will argue how ancient XXXX artists’
continue to influence the way that contemporary XXXX artists and people see /
imagine YYYY, even though these contemporary artists no longer ZZZZ (or have
no connection to XXXXX, etc.)

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