art history

Review of Conference Papers


You are required to register on the conference website AND attend the conference. Upon registration you will receive a Zoom link that will enable you to attend. Go through the program and choose which papers you would like to attend. Note the dates and times. You are required to attend 4 presentations, two long ones, to shorter ones from the list of speakers below:

Select 2 from these speakers:

Nasser Rabbat

Rebecca Zorach

Farid Esmaeil

T.J. Demos

D. Fairchild Ruggles

Anna M. Gade

Amanda Boetzkes

Select 2 from these speakers:

Yusen Yu

Stephane Pradines

Alexander Brey

Nada Shabout

Huma Gupta

Rachel Winter

Elizabeth Rauh

Pamela Karimi

Michelle Apotsos

Nisa Ari


Notetaking: Take notes either typed or by hand during EACH presentation, focusing on catching key information relating to thesis statement, content and argument and conclusion. Scan these notes later in PDF and merge with your written summaries, then upload on Canvas

Review each presentation addressing ALL the areas below:

Content: Write a summary of the content each presentation, focusing on the key thesis, how the speaker develops his/her argument to support the thesis (mention at least 3 key points the speaker makes), and what conclusions are reached. Refer back to your notes. Are all the points the presenter makes clear? Are they persuasive? Is the thesis statement catchy? Is the discussion smooth, organized well and flows from point to point? What evidence does the presenter use to support his points? Is the conclusion referring back to the thesis/introduction? Does the conclusion make a memorable point?

Presentation/delivery: look at the technicalities of each presentation. Comment on how the presenter presents (is it read? Is it given free style? breaks, language, voice, are the visuals appropriate? Do they support the argument? Image quality? Proper captions/image info?)

What can you learn from reviewing the delivery and technicalities of presentations for your own Semester Paper and end of semester presentation? Mention at least three points that you had not thought of before.

what the professor wants is really how did the key speakers present their point.

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