Art Discussion

The parameters are as follows. Work key terms into your post (place terms in bold type). Always include an image of the work you are writing on, the title of the work, the date the work was created, the medium and the artist responsible for the work. The post this week should have a minimum of 150 words. Everyone is responsible for replying to posts by two other students. The replies should be at least 40 – 60 words in length. Be sure to get everything in before the deadline.
In this unit we are going to explore the power of propaganda and persuasion. I have a list of 4 links that all promote some form of propaganda/persuasion through art. Your goal is to select a work from one of the sites on the list and identify the work as a propaganda piece or a persuasion piece. Then explain your reasoning for the classification and the chosen artwork fits within those parameters. You should also work to provide the context in which the artwork was created.
First, clearly identify the means by which you would like to discuss the chosen work(Propaganda/Persuasion). Use the definition provided in Chapter 9 of the course textbook. Context is very important to all the works included in these samples. Be sure to explain the context in which the work was created. If the work relies on symbols you may need to decipher those symbols for the viewer. I encourage you to research the artwork you have chosen to help shape your discussion post. Use key terms from the text.
Topic Links:
All topics included are working to sway your opinion in one direction or another. I have chosen links with most dynamic representation of that visual persuasion/propaganda at work. Some examples are historic while others are contemporary. Remember, we are here to identify examples of propaganda and persuasion. Please keep discussion within project guidelines.
Unit 7: Google Arts and Culture
Chronicles of American Politics: Posters of the Chamomile Tea Party 2010- 2020: Google Arts and Culture
The Poster Exhibit: Google Arts and Culture
WWI Poster Collection: Smithsonian
Parameters:Post should be a minimum of 150 words in length.
Be sure to incorporate terms from the course readings. Place those terms in bold.
Post should include image from course image pool.
Image should be identified by artist, title, date and medium
Post should identify and explain context of the artwork.
Post should identify and explain whether the work is being viewed as propaganda or persuasion.
Student should reply to post by a minimum of two other students. The replies should be a minimum of 40- 60 words in length.
Post and replies should be up by November 21.
Make sure your replies contribute something to the discussion. Use your reply to dig deeper into the discussion, make observations on the post, and present new perspectives on the topic. If I can read the reply and cut and paste it to any topic then your reply lacks specificity and should be changed to include more details specific to the post you are responding to.

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