ART 103 – Art

Consider all of the ways that art and identity can function together that you have read about in this module. Then, select a work of art that is your life that is connected to your identity. Take a picture of it.
In your initial post, provide the class with a description and analysis of how the work of art you selected is related to your identity. Make sure you:
Upload the photo that you took of the work of art that is connected to any part of your identity.
Describe the work of art in detail: What does it look like? What is the medium? Where is it located?
Describe and discuss its relationship to your identity: How does the work of art relate to your national identity, cultural heritage, ethnic identity, sex or gender identity, class identity, or a group you are affiliated with? Make sure to use your textbook (Chapter 8) to support you with your discussion of context.
Ask a question: Pose a question that you would like your classmates to consider in their response to your post.

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