Argumentative Essay: Higher Standards for Sexual Assaults on College Campuses

Read these two short articles published on the Room for Debate platform on the New York Times website:

Identify the question the authors of the articles are debating, then write an argumentative essay on the question taking a position on the question, providing reasons and evidence to support your position, discussing counterarguments, and rebutting the counterarguments.

To earn a grade of C or higher, you should write at least six fully developed paragraphs and use both of the articles as sources. In addition, you should provide a Works Cited list for the two articles.

Your essay will be graded based on four criteria: (1) argumentative structure (argument, counterargument, rebuttal); (2) organization, paragraph development, and transitions; (3) sentence clarity and grammatical correctness; (4) in-text citations and Works Cited.

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