answer the questions simple

1. What are simplified complex representations?
2. What are the older “negative” or “bad” representations of Arabs and Muslims that the author critiques?
3. What does author mean when asserting that simplified complex representational strategies re-inscribe “limited or stereotypical portrayals of Arab, Iranian, and Muslims”? (259)
4. What does author mean when asserting that these simplified complex representational strategies demonstrate the “limits to inclusion in liberal multiculturalism”? (259)
5. How does Islam fit in in the ways in which particular characters seem to fit in liberal multiculturalism? (259)
6. Why do the creators of the show Tyrant use a fictional country as the setting of the show, according to author?
7. In what ways did show perpetuate binaries between Americanness and Arabness, according to the author?
8. How does reaction to the show All-American Muslim illustrate Islamophobia? 9. What were some of the positive aspects of the show? What were its problems?
10. Why does the author find depictions of Muslims and Arabs as either “patriots” or “victims” problematic? Why does she compare AAM to the show Sister Wives?
11. The author argues that “simplified complex representations are consistent with the larger phenomenon of ‘post-race’ racism” (269) What does she mean?

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