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chapter7: Discussion Questions
1- This chapter focuses mainly on urban gangs, but there are also gangs located in suburban and rural areas. How do these gangs differ in purpose and behaviors?
2- Gang membership and identity are often rooted in a dislike for other races and ethnic groups. Can this attitude be traced back to the historical time periods of immigration and the civil rights movements?
Chapter 8
1- How have preventive and reactive measures toward school violence changed since you were in middle and high school? What did your school do to address the issue?
2- Do you feel that some recent school shootings could have been prevented? Why or why not?
3- How can schools better educate youths on healthy relationship behaviors? When should this kind of program be implemented?
Chapter 9
1-Why do so many juveniles commit some forms of cybercrime?
2-What types of punitive measures should the juvenile court system take to combat this type of criminality?
3-How should public and private school systems address juvenile cybercriminality?
Chapter 10
1-What was the prevalence of drug use when you were in high school, and how was it handled by the administration?
2-Do you believe the opioid epidemic is going to become as problematic for juveniles as it is for adults?
3-In your opinion, what is the best strategy to decrease drug use in juveniles?

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