answer questions based on the satyricon

1.The author of the Satyricon has three names. What are they?
________________________ _______________________ __________________________
2.At the beginning of the Satyricon, two of the main protagonists are in conversation with a professor of rhetoric. What are their names?
____ Ajax and Diomedes ____ Eumaeus and Argos ____ Encolpius and Ascyltos
3.Which of these two is the narrator of the Satyricon?
4.What profession do these two ply?
____ lawyer ____ scholar ____ mercenary ____ rhetorician
5.What is the name of the professor of rhetoric?
____ Agamemnon ____ Orestes ____ Menelaus
6.A third character is waiting for our two protagonists back at the inn. What’s his name?
____ Gigli ____ Gigolo ____ Giton
7.Who pays our three protagonists a visit at the inn?
____ Quartilla and her entourage ____ Circe and her pigs ____ Calypso and her eunuchs
8.What “crime” had our heroes committed to deserve the pounding they were to receive at the hands of Quartilla and her retinue?
9.Giton marries a ≈ seven year old girl.
____ T ____ F
10.Who is hosting the big dinner party our heroes will be attending at the invitation of the aforementioned professor of rhetoric?
____ Trimalchio ____ Triskaidekaphobia ____ Thucydides
11.What is Trimalchio doing when our threesome first catch sight of him?
12.Where do the Romans in general and our protagonists in particular go to get ready for a big dinner party?
____ temple of Venus ____ public baths ____ brothel
13.What is the civil status of the host of the big dinner party?
____ freedman ____ knight ____ senator
14.The host plays a number of pranks on his guests involving, in order of occurrence, a boar, a pig, and a pastry Priapus. Describe one of these pranks.
15.According to Echion the rag dealer, what’s going to happen to Glyco’s steward? What had Glyco’s steward done to “deserve” his punishment?
16.A guest, Niceros, tells a ghost story. As he tells it, what happens to his travelling companion?
____ He turns into a bat and flies off into the night.
____ He turns into a werewolf and runs off into the woods.
____ He turns into a scarab and burrows under Niceros’ skin.
17.During the big banquet, the host reads a document aloud. What is this document?
____ a list of everything he owns
____ a letter of commendation from the emperor
____ his last will and testament
18.The fabulously wealthy host decides to stage a future event in his life (sic). What is it?
____ his own funeral
____ his elevation to the consulship
____ his marriage to his favorite horse
19.How does the banquet end and our three protagonists escape?
____ Poseidon sends a giant wave crashing down onto the estate.
____ A coven of witches appears and sends guests and staff fleeing in panic.
____ Firemen break down the door and create pandemonium with axes and water.
20.One of our three protagonists is abandoned by the other two, and he runs into a poetaster whose ironic speaking name means “skillful singer”. What is the bard’s name?
____ Eumolpus ____ Eugenia ____ Euphoria
21.What description best characterizes this new figure?
____ bombastic and unpopular bard
____ superb con man
____ cunning pederast
22.Our newly configured threesome boards a ship bound for Tarentum. What are the names of the ship’s owner and his lady friend?
____ Lassie and Timmy ____ Lichas and Tryphaena ____ Lickety and Split
23.How do the owner and his lady friend know that the two protagonists they’ve had dastardly dealings with in the past are now on board their ship?
____ They were told by the Oracle at Delphi.
____ They were told in dreams.
____ They were told by the seer Calchas.
24.To avoid detection, our two protagonists disguise themselves as:
____ shepherds. ____ slaves. ____ gladiators.
25.Where does the corpse of the husband of the married woman at Ephesus end up?
26.How does the cruise end?
____ The ship is wrecked in a storm.
____ The ship is wafted ashore at Tarentum by the doves of Venus.
____ The ship is blown off course and lands on Hispaniola.
27.Back on land our threesome spies a “town set in a lofty citadel”. What’s the name of this place?
____ Crotal ____ Chryse ____ Croton
28.What scheme does our poetaster hatch?
____ Pretend to be rich in order to win the hand of the daughter of the king.
____ Pretend to be rich in order to seduce the temple priestess.
____ Pretend to be rich in order to trick the town’s legacy-hunters into giving him their own
29.Who are Proselenos and Oenothea?
____ princesses ____ witches ____ ladies of the evening
30.What do the beneficiaries of our poetaster’s last will and testament need to do in order to inherit their share of the estate?
____ Eat his body with all the townspeople watching.
____ Sacrifice a pig, a goat, and a first-born son to the God of Probate.
____ Write a 300-word essay on why they deserve to inherit.

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