annotated bibliography

**RESEARCH QUESTION IS **– How do major news outlets choose what is newsworthy in regards to kidnappings and abuse considering the possible racial bias, especially the lack of coverage on racial groups such as black and indigenous women?
The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to organize and analyze the sources you found with the goal of refining your topic and connecting some dots (comparing sources and thinking about how you’ll use sources to answer your question) before you write your paper

Step 1: Select (at least) 5 different sources of relevant information on your topic, including a mix of government, news, internet, and scholarly sources. You must use at least 1 scholarly source for this project. *You may end up using more than 5 sources in your final paper but you are only required to include 5 sources in your annotated bibliography. Your reference or works cited page for your paper should list all sources used in your research process.

Step 2: Place your research question (the question only, not the entire proposal) at the top of the document.

Step 3: Create a citation for each source, formatted using MLA or APA Style (I don’t care which one–just be consistent). Organize your sources Alphabetically.

Step 4: Underneath each citation, write an annotation of 100 words for the source.

In your annotation, briefly summarize the main idea of each source and provide a brief analysis of how the source relates to your research question.

Annotated Bibliography Format:

Please write in a formal academic style; no first person (“I”) statements. Do not use quotations from your sources–paraphrase things in your own words. Do not plagiarize (to avoid accidental plagiarism, don’t copy and paste…instead, take notes in another document while you read). Your annotated bibliography should be typed and submitted via Blackboard in the “Assignments” area by midnight on the due date.

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