Annotated Bibilography

There are 2 parts to this assignment, please see the assignment described below. I have included all eight articles to be used. Please write in APA 7. The topics of each article are all related to pancreatic disorders or research regarding pancreatitis.

Part A: Annotations should be concise and well written. For each article, students will write a summary paragraph which should include:
1. Main focus or purpose of the article
2. What new information is presented in the article?
3. Usefulness or relevance to your identified clinical issue (or why it did not meet your expectations)
4. Special features of the work that were unique or helpful
5. Conclusions/observations reached by you about your clinical issue as a result of the article
Part B: Write a 1-2 page summary and critique comparing the findings of each study with the others. Describe how the combined information
gathered from the articles increases your understanding and impacts nursing practice. Address any gaps that may still exist regarding how to provide
care for your selected issue.

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